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Might be seeing some more action here…

Yeah, it’s been a while. 2009 was the year of iPhone apps. Objective-C is a fun language, but so different than anything else that it takes a lot of concentration to get through the learning curve. I had a lot of fun with it, but by the end of last year I became kind of burnt out on the whole thing. For the last month or two, I haven’t really been doing much coding outside of work at all. A much needed break.

But in the last few weeks I’ve been feeling the itch to create something with code. In the Resources section of this site, I’ve listed a few different tools that one can use for creating art with code. While I’ve downloaded and kicked the tires of most of them, I hadn’t really done anything serious with any of them. I decided this would be a good time to dig into some of these tools and languages a bit deeper.

So, for the next few weeks or months, you will hopefully see some new, non-Flash stuff up here. I’ve been playing with Context Free Art quite a bit, so the first series of images will come from that. I’ve also been experimenting with Structure Synth, which has a very similar paradigm, so look for some images from that as well. And more tools/languages to come.

If you are really stalking me, then you’ll know that I will be speaking at FiTC in Toronto this April. My presentation is called Programming Art, and I hope to touch on a number of these tools, showing how to get them, the concept behind them, and a whirlwind tutorial on each one. This forces me into actually learning each one myself, so gives plenty of opportunities to create interesting images, many of which will wind up here.